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Lost memories

Complete panic some weeks ago ... Since I'm able to write, I try to keep my mind clear by writing down impressions and thoughts in diaries. I keep them all well archived in my drawers at home. But just that one, that most precious one, the one that's laying on the ground here in the picture, went missing. For two days it haunted me. I looked for it desperately until I found it back between the cookbooks in the kitchen. I suddenly realised that I didn't empty all the boxes myself after moving to Waasmunster ...

What a treasure, this diary. I'm rereading it and I realise that my journey to Syria just changed everything for me. Somewhere in the beginning of my stay on the way from Damascus to Palmyra, a man said to me: "You'll lose something here in Syria and you will be obliged to come back to look for it again. And that thing ... it's your heart!" I just smiled at that time, not knowing what to respond, but nothing more true then this! And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one to confirm ...

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