Doomed to hope

Aleppo, mercilessly leaded into complete destruction and extermination. Bombed until all the houses, hospitals and schools are destroyed, famished and gassed until all its people are eradicated. For Aleppo, it seems, there is no hope.

And yet we are doomed to hope.

It’s the hope we need to protect in ourselves and if we manage, in the other. It’s the human dignity that we need to cherish in every encounter. It’s solidarity towards others who are suffering tremendously, that we need to safeguard.

And if in the broader world, it all seems lost, let them then at least be present in our hearts and in the small world we’re living in.

On some days, it is all we can manage to do, and maybe also all that what really matters: to safeguard those little pieces of hope, human dignity and solidarity in our hearts…

Beautiful Aleppo, I stand with you.

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